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In business, it is important for us to quickly identify what our counterparts really think; how they rate our proposals, and what interests they represent. But we are also evaluated based on our body language as it is strongly controlled by our emotions, attitudes and intentions. Therefore, we should consciously decide what we wish to reveal about ourselves and what we aim to achieve.

Most of our effect on others depends on our voice and body language. Only when spoken words and body-language signals match are messages convincing. Non-verbal signals are sent in each case. Therefore, for good relationship management, it is important to perceive, interpret and use our own and other people’s body language in a sensitive manner. This requires knowledge of approaches that enable the targeted use of body language and that ensure it remains authentic. In short: body language is the key to the feelings, attitudes and intentions of our counterparts.

Nils Daniel Finckh has been active for many years as a successful stage director, actor and speaker. In his practice-intensive seminar, using methods and exercises, he will help us to understand and consciously use body language. He will convey his knowledge input through small-group work, role-playing and working on the participants’ specific issues, using acting and coaching techniques as well as giving feedback.