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In this workshop, you will go on an exciting discovery tour of your digital and non-digital communication.

For a long time already, smileys have been on the scrap heap and emojis have taken over as the standard in our communication. What started as ICQ instant messaging in 1998, is widely known today, in a changed form, as WhatsApp or Skype. We communicate in sound, text or video and expect full excitement: How will my correspondent reply? Is the reply given in a way that I can make use of it? Would a phone call be more appropriate? Or maybe an email would be better?

To find out, we will ask the questions: In which context you prefer which communication channel? What is particularly important to you? Which beliefs play a role in this? Apple or Android? – that’s also a question!

Find your anchor points for business success. Identify the opportunities and risks of your digital and non-digital communication in 2018 and “be digital!”

Andreas Langendonk is the owner of Langendonk Creative Consulting, and, for more than 20 years, he has been a management consultant and business coach for companies with a focus on information technologies. The NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) trainer is also the managing director of EggSec GmbH, which specialises in management consulting and IT security.