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We can subjectively assess ourselves and our behaviour, as well as that of our counterparts, generally well – or, at least, so we think. But are we also able to assess this objectively? How good, in reality, is our perception of ourselves and others with regard to behavioural patterns? Frank Rose will get to the bottom of these exciting questions, and not just in theory! In his lively, interactive workshop module, he will not only show an effective method for objective recognition of the different behavioural styles, but he will also demonstrate how human typologies can be distinguished from each other and how we can apply this in everyday working scenarios. The differentiation of the respective personality structures and the immediate impact on communication and business are the best guarantors for top communication and success in leadership and sales!

Frank Rose, in addition to his role as the managing director of PROVA Unternehmensberatung GmbH, is also the owner of Akademie PROVA, a training institute for leisure companies. He has many years of experience as a business trainer, consultant and coach who knows how to bring across theoretical content in a lively and entertaining way.