European Waterpark Association calls for further steps to open waterparks, leisure pools and spas immediately

European Waterpark Association calls for further steps to open leisure pools and spas immediately

Waterparks, leisure pools and spas have proven to be safe places during the pandemic. In addition, bathing and taking a sauna can strengthen the body’s defences, especially in winter. For this reason, the European Waterpark Association (EWA) is calling for an immediate withdrawal of restrictions in line with the development of the pandemic, with a move away from the 2G and 2G+ regulations and an end to the limits on the number of visitors to the waterparks.

In view of the emerging development of the pandemic situation, there is no longer any objective justification for maintaining the restrictions, according to the Quality Association of European Leisure Pools and Spas, whose waterparks and spas are visited by about 140 million guests every year. As places of health-oriented leisure time activities, waterparls, public pools and saunas are of great importance for public health care.

“As long as the restrictions make it impossible to operate the waterparks and spas economically, we need more effective financial support for our businesses,” explains EWA Managing Director Dr. Klaus Batz. In contrast to the “bridging aid” (“Überbrückungshilfe”) programme in Germany, this must apply to all waterparks and public pools, regardless of whether they are privately or publicly operated, because the restrictions apply equally to all companies.