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Eleven Ltd

Improve safety, upgrade your water slides, and expand your facility with themed designs

We believe your water slides have a much greater potential locked in them. They can be safer, provide additional profits, and provide a better experience to your guests even after years of service in your facility. Unlock the Future of your water slides with SplashWare! Learn more on splashware.eu!

Our team can also complete design, visualisation, custom water play equipment, and theming projects. Theming is the key to telling your story, differentiating your water park, or connecting it to the local culture, history, landscape, tales, or sights.


Eleven Ltd
Kösöntyű Street 3
1037 Budapest

Tel: +36 (1) 436 9113
E-Mail: info@eleven11.hu
Webseite: http://aqua-parks.com/en/home/

Eleven Ltd

Kösöntyű Street 3, 1037 Budapest


  • Ausstattung, Dekoration und Beschallung
  • Hygiene in Freizeitanlagen
  • Sauna- und Wellnessanlagen