EWA Special Exhibition 96º at Aquanale Fair in Cologne

Under the title 96º, the European Waterpark Association in cooperation with Kölnmesse GmbH will be presenting a special exhibition at Aquanale trade show 2019 dealing with new attractions for sauna and wellness areas in indoor waterparks, thermal baths and spas. The deliberately ambiguous title – in Celsius the value corresponds approximately to the boiling point of water and the highest temperature in Finnish saunas, in Fahrenheit to the temperature of the human body – alludes to the fact that visitors to leisure pools and spas (and above all to their wellness areas) are constantly experiencing new stimuli and impressions. Accordingly, the special show will present innovations in sauna design as well as the application of cold therapies and their staging in wellness worlds. “96º” is at the centre of the EWA Village, where the Quality Association of European Leisure Pools and Spas will present the high performance of its member companies on the occasion of the Aquanale trade show.