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Lutz Jesco GmbH

disinfection plants for swimming pool water, for drinking water and for filter flushing and disinfection: e.g. Chlorine gas, flow inline electrolysis “TECHNO POOL”, electro chlorination (batch), membrane cell electrolysis, dosing of chlorine bleach and granulate, chlorine dioxide plants, UV systems

dosing technology, including own dosing pumps (development and production)

Measuring and control systems for swimming pool water treatment, including data transmission via a network, visualization, and archiving


Lutz Jesco GmbH
Am Bostelberge 19
30900 Wedemark

Tel: +49 5130 5802-0
E-Mail: thomas.beutel@lutz-jesco.com
Webseite: www.lutz-jesco.de

Lutz Jesco GmbH

Am Bostelberge 19, 30900 Wedemark


  • Facilities construction
  • Hygiene in leisure facilities