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Krieger Architekten | Ingenieure GmbH

Krieger Architects| Engineers have completed over 200 sports and leisure complexes for 3 generations. As a general planner architects, structural designers, construction managers and building technicians of the company DTF are developing concepts together. For over 40 years the company DSBG is operating sports and leisure facilities and adding their knowledge into the planning of buildings.


Krieger Architekten | Ingenieure GmbH
Blumenstraße 2
42551 Velbert

Tel: +49 2051 3107-0
E-Mail: info@architekt-krieger.de
Webseite: www.architekt-krieger.de

Krieger Architekten | Ingenieure GmbH

Blumenstraße 2, 42551 Velbert


  • Consulting and management of leisure facilities
  • Marketing, advertising and PR
  • Planners and architects