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Hugo Lahme GmbH

VitaLight®: underwater, object and effect lighting (LED, halogen), underwater loudspeakers.
FitStar®: counter current, massage and suction systems, water attractions, pumps.
AllFit®: skimmers, bottom, in- and outlet nozzles, wall bushes, rewinder.
SpringFit®: geysers, cascades, volcano, comet and finger ray nozzles.


Hugo Lahme GmbH
Kahlenbecker Straße 2
58256 Ennepetal

Tel: +49 2333 9696-0
E-Mail: vertrieb@lahme.de
Webseite: www.lahme.de

Hugo Lahme GmbH

Kahlenbecker Straße 2, 58256 Ennepetal


  • Facilities construction
  • Sauna and spa facilities
  • Water toys, attractions, sports, slides