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dp Wasseraufbereitung Poschen GmbH

Purification/disinfection of raw water tanks/overflow compartments complying with the specifications of DIN 19643, Comprehensive disinfection of the entire pool system in the event of microbial pollution and/or presence of excessive reaction by-products, Disinfection of filter material, Disinfection of drinking water in domestic supply systems complying with legal specifications of the German drinking water ordinance (TwVO) and applicable DVGW- worksheets on legionella contamination for example


dp Wasseraufbereitung Poschen GmbH
Obenketzberg 7
42653 Solingen

Tel: +49 212 380858-15
E-Mail: info@dp-wasseraufbereitung.de
Webseite: www.dp-wasseraufbereitung.de

dp Wasseraufbereitung Poschen GmbH

Obenketzberg 7, 42653 Solingen


  • Hygiene in leisure facilities