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TechnoAlpin SpA

The SnowRoom by TechnoAlpin is a luxurious way to cool down after hot sauna treatments. By cooling down in a dry cold ambient of -10°C and soft powder snow, even the cooling process becomes a pleasant experience. Deep breaths refresh the lungs, the boldy cools down step by step without any temperature shock. TechnoAlpin is offering the SnowRoom as turnkey solution is various design options, matching the high standards of public thermal baths. An experienced service team offers worldwide after sales support for all customers.


TechnoAlpin SpA
Piero Agostini Straße 2
39100 Bozen

Tel: +39 0471 550550
E-Mail: indoor@technoalpin.com
Webseite: indoor.technoalpin.com

TechnoAlpin SpA

Piero Agostini Straße 2, 39100 Bozen


  • Sauna construction