EWA-President Markus Achleitner: Let’s stand together!

Dear Members and Friends,

When we welcomed the New Year with our families and friends on New Year’s Eve 2019, probably none of us had any idea of the changes 2020 would bring. After all, for decades we have been able to rejoice that our lives in Europe are characterised by security and growing prosperity. We have become accustomed to this good feeling. We have come to regard our parents’ and grandparents’ stories of times when this was not a matter of course as stories from the distant past.

This year we had to experience that there is no guarantee for the comforting feeling of security. This reminds me of my childhood, when we carefully made our way on the frozen lake with our feet to check whether the ice was already supporting us and we could put on our skates. Similarly, we are now feeling our way forward in deciding when a visit of our waterparks and spas will be possible again and what renewed restrictions on public life will be necessary to reduce the number of infected people.

The upcoming winter months of the new year continue to confront us with major challenges. The ice on which we stand is still fragile. Therefore, let us take each other by the hand, form a rescue chain and thus give each other support.

This is what I have resolved to do for 2021 with my colleagues on the Board of the European Waterpark Association, with the members of the Committee of Supporting Members and with the team of our EWA-Office:

  • That we stand up together for the European waterpark and spa industry, which is directly affected by the measures to combat the pandemic.
  • That we stand up for aid packages that our waterpark companies as well as the suppliers and service providers urgently need to secure the existence of their companies.
  • And that we support each other and remind ourselves again and again how creativity, commitment and passion have created a European waterpark and spa landscape that has never existed before in its diversity and size. We must maintain this quality beyond the pandemic, we must work together with all our strength for this diversity with all our strength.

In this spirit, I wish all of you the necessary strength and the courage and confidence that we need to emerge from the crisis stronger than before. Even after the harshest winter, we experience every spring how new life breaks through with all its strength. Let us remain optimistic!

Sincerely yours

Markus Achleitner

President of the European Waterpark Association