EWA appeals to the Governments of the European States

The European Waterpark Association today addresses an urgent appeal to the governments of the European countries and to the Commission of the European Union. In it we demand:

  • A prompt re-commissioning of all waterparks and spas, in order to prevent uncontrolled “wild bathing” in rivers and lakes.
  • An aid programme with direct, non-repayable subsidies for all waterparks and spas threatened by insolvency, whether privately or municipally owned.
  • A long-term investment programme for renovation and increasing attractiveness, so that suppliers and service providers in our industry can also win new orders and overcome the crisis.
  • A temporary reduction in the VAT rate to provide the waterparks and spas with sufficient liquidity when they are relaunched through higher real revenues (while maintaining gross entry fees).

Please find the document here.